Thursday, December 30, 2010

Instant Joy

I had the best cup of coffee in Gstaad, Switzerland at a local spot called Charlie's Tea Room. It was creamy and smooth without adding anything to it. There's something about European coffee that instantly warms the soul.

I'm giving Instant Coffee a second chance in the New Year. I rekindled my relationship during a trip to London this past summer. English Instant Coffee is a way of life - why boil the kettle and brew the coffee? Knock em' both out at once.

Don't get me wrong, nothing beats good fresh brewed coffee. But, when you need it in a flash or just a cup, don't be afraid to give Instant a try. I've found it to be slightly smoother than a traditional cup and way less work. Cheers to new ways in the New Year!

Give em' a whirl, you won't know until you try!:

Starbucks VIA - $5.95/5 Servings

Folgers Instant - $4.99/8 oz. Jar

NesCafe - $21.00/ 3 7 oz. Jars

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