Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Take me to the Movies

Recently, I have been asked for some favorite movie recommendations. Skirting around the staples, my first reply has been An Education. This BBC Film based on the book by Nick Hornby released in 2009 but I didn't get a chance to catch it in the theatre.

The attraction stems from an appreciation for surprises so I won't give too much away. Having never heard of the flick until it was on my coffee table, I didn't' have any expectations (no chance for a let-down). The plot was creative. The actors, Carrie Mulligan and Peter Sarsgaard, delivered. My knowledge about London in the 1960s has increased (Mom - I know what you were up to!). All in all it's a winner for a wintry evening.


  1. It actually is not based on a book, he wrote it for screen! Brilliant film! Happy New Year!

  2. Good to hear! I've been contemplating adding it to my netflix que for some time.