Tuesday, July 20, 2010


My friend Garrett emailed me this convo yesterday. Only in Detroit.

Setting: Bronx Bar (Cass Corridor)

hot girl - "can I have 2 orange juices no ice?"
Bartender - "sure." (cracks two cans and pours into a glass)
hot girl - "oh... i thought it was going to be fresh squeezed."
bartender - "do you know where the hell you're at?" (laughing)
hot girl - (laughs along a bit) "thanks".
(girl orders breakfast and goes and sits down.)
bartender - "what's the deal with these two hot chicks. They're gorgeous."
patron - "dude that's Miley Cyrus."
bartender - "hannah montana?"
patron - "yeah."
bartender - "i hope she's not pissed that no one knows or cares that its her."

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