Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Detroit Tigers

Last night, Vic renamed the Detroit Tigers, "Miggy and the Minors" then "Miggy and the Mud Hens". The recent loss of Magglio Ordonez will make for a tough finish to the season. Detroit is faced with a 9 rookies on a 25-man roster. I've stopped counting the times that I've asked, "Who is that and where did they come from?".

So, what do we have to work with?

Austin Jackson, even though you're not really a rookie to us, please keep hitting over a .300 and making exceptional plays on the warning track.

Boesch, you proved early in the season to Detroit fans that rookies can play essential roles. Even though your momentum has slowed down, we're waiting with our fingers crossed that your lull ends and you're back to hitting grand slams.

Ryhmes and Worth - we don't really know you yet but feel free to step up and start making plays. If you play your cards right, you'll be a household name in no time. Promise.

Needless to say, the Detroit Tigers have an interesting second half ahead of them. However, looking back over the past couple years, I can't help but think... if we survived Todd Jones - we can overcome anything.

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  1. The tigers are a professional baseball team still? Thats strange. Also- have no clue who these people are, but Rhymes and Worth have some amazing names. Too bad there isnt a guy with the last name Faygo. Then who cares how good the team could be.